Monday, March 22, 2021

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Synæsthetics by Amanda Gregory- (Excerpts)- Live Virtual Performance

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Curriculum By Osmosis: Concentric Hierarchy (of Polyhedrons)

I'm glad we get a pioneer tale, with all the elements (protests, slavery, native Americans) interwoven with the esoterica.  That gives me and east to west context and setting, from the Atlantic-Euro Basin (I know, not usually called a "basin") to our Pacific Rim.  

In this one, I show off our Russian flavors (fly our Russian colors) on some literary circuit.  Russia likewise spans the same range, twixt Europe to the one side, Asia to the other, and each other, America and Russia almost touch.

No Synergetics scholar can contradict me, regarding the relative conductance, to energy, of the different tetrahedron wedges, as a theme running throughout. The Coupler gets dissected, in all possible ways, into A & B arrangements, presumably with consequences in energetic terms.  That's where we cross the line, from Pre-frequency to Frequency.

For those just joining us, I'm talking about the inner workings of an esoteric, literary work, bequeathed to us by American futurist-poet, R. Buckminster Fuller.

Here's a sequel over in Control Room.