Monday, June 20, 2016

Donate to CSN

[QR-code removed]

As a part of the #CodeCastle cryto-currencies initiative, it makes sense to walk the talk by both sending and receiving bitcoin as an authorized means of upholding one's end of a transaction.

I suggest making only small and non-anonymous donations if using the above QR-code for that. Claim the donation with your own public bitcoin address either just for that purpose or use your general wallet PK.

Do not assume anyone verifies these claims on our end, however the blockchain is public so there will be no doubt about the transaction itself, after some hours, and many donors are well-equipped to authenticate themselves in case their claim is contested.

Do not assume your donation is tax deductible, which is another reason to keep to small amounts. Contributions to a specific nonprofit's fund account would be through a different QR-Code.

The above is to CSN's marketing for CSN's promotion, an account controlled by the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).  Feel free to earmark though, and to publicize your thinking on CSN in connection with your history of donations.

Come back to this web page for the best QR-code to use.  You can keep a snapshot of what it was at the time to verify your own blockchain transactions.