Wednesday, January 6, 2016

World Game Meetup

I joined a bunch of Meetups on to ring in the new year, and in so doing found out about the Portland World Game meetup.

The group was staging a "positive protest" (not against anything) that very day, New Year's Day, in the South Park blocks.

World Game Meetup

I was on a tight schedule so only managed a few shots during the setup phase.  I got into a conversation with a guy, only four months in Portland, about how prolific Fuller was (the genius behind the World Game meme).  Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth was one of his more influential titles.

Setting Up

I pointed to the nearby Arlington Club as where Ed and June Applewhite had stayed, when visiting Portland in the 1990s.  Ed was Fuller's chief collaborator on the two Synergetics volumes.  He wrote Cosmic Fishing to chronicle that experience.

Arlington Club