Monday, December 1, 2014

More Playing with Greek Mythos

Here's a series of billboards you might find interesting, from the Language Project of the 1980s:

Picture: Earth from space
Caption: Spaceship

Picture: Children playing on geodesic dome
Caption: Wildlife

Picture: Nautilus Shell
Caption: High Tech

Picture: Earth from space
Caption: Game Park

Then there's my Python billboard with just the Python logo (already well known) and the caption: Just Use It.

"Just Use It" alludes to Nike's "Just Do It".

Nike is a familiar / avatar of goddess Athena, as is the Python.

Leveraging Greek mythology is one of the things I do (in the tradition of Carl Jung et al), such as retelling the story of Apollo and the Python he supposedly slew... the Python escaped actually, and moved to Nashville, where a full scale Parthenon exists with a museum about the original Parthenon (temple to Athena) in the basement. (shows Athena with Nike and Python in Nashville Parthenon)

But I digress. Did you know of the connection between Athena and West Point? We're talking about the military again.

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