Thursday, June 5, 2014

vZome @ Work

Some of us were privileged enough as children to have Zome Tool, a construction kit for exploring geometric relationships.  David Koski is like a polyhedralist of old, playing not so much with Archimedean honeycomb duals as with phi-scaled versions of what Bucky Fuller called the T, E and S modules or SET.

He uses a tool called vZome by Scott Vorthmann, a virtual version of Zome Tool.  You can see for yourself that it has an elegant GUI and the Zome hubs may be rendered in almost photographic detail if need be.  Scott's faithfulness to the physical kit is astounding and yet with vZome one may build with greater fluency and fluidity in some dimensions.

Don't worry if you hear something that sounds off, as David ad libs and maybe transposes a number or two.  The visuals more than make up for any soundtrack glitches.  Take your time.  Background reading about the SET modules will help, if this all seems too alien (as in remote / esoteric).