Sunday, September 15, 2013

Street Intersection: The Game

This is one of my favorite computer game genres, where you confront a city intersection and have to model muddling through in some way.

If you're a policeman, do you have the right to confiscate the property of the houseless person 30 feet from City Hall in the margin of a sidewalk, with no visible shelter?

As an old man, will your time run out before the street car lurches on without you, or will you run fast enough on your current dosage?

Is there a drinking fountain?  Unusual, but maybe we're in Portland (look up:  Benson Bubblers).  Is there fluoride in that water?  From where exactly?  So much to study (it's an ecosystem after all).

Was the intersection badly designed?

Sometimes it's just culture.

In Portland, more cyclists "felt safe" in this new green area, whereas the cars would not see them and turn right anyway, hitting them.

This was a spike in statistics after a new painting scheme was applied at, you guessed it, street intersections.