Saturday, January 19, 2013

Daily Play

I'm in a webinar with AFSC this morning.  That's the American Friends Service Committee.  They're calling it a webinar, but it's really a live YouTube and an overview of the web site.

Good paradigm non-profit.  I'm in the role of go-between twixt AFSC and one of the Yearly Meetings:  North Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Quakers sometimes come across as puritanical, as if against gambling and drinking for example.  My brand of Friend is not like that.  Jesus was OK with alcohol and parties.  Life is gambling, taking risks, acting on educated guesses (hypotheses).  Philanthropists strategically channel funds to what appear to be successful projects.

Here, we play games in order to build our own skills in various ways, and gaining in proficiency is by definition rewarding.  The greater your winnings, the more of a hero you are for your causes, the more you express your will through a specific infrastructure.

Even outside said infrastructure, life is the same way:  you and I have our daily bread, incoming time/energy, our allotted space and time, and we have our value-adding gaming, our livelihoods, our actions, whereby we learn (gain experience) in an instructive, feed-back rich environment.

You and I express our wills in the world.

The AFSC website is paradigmatic of a front end or brochure style access point, with the facilities to dig deeper.