Saturday, June 19, 2010

Streaming SG

SG = spatial geography and/or spatial geometry. Geometry and geography are hard to tease apart sometimes.

Mites making Sytes making Kites... did you get that for your iPad or iPhone? That might not be available in your zip code area? These fall in the silly screen saver category, yet make a style statement. You're saying you're aware and you're branding with SG. You some kind of Neoplatonist? Wear it on your sleeve why not (like Goth jewelry).

CSN will do free advertising, with permission, for certain artifacts, such as geometry toyz. Some of these might be available in the gift shop, to heroic high scorers (better than yesterday's score anyway -- as you compete against your former self, measure improvements).

SG about "tetravolume accounting" was high priority in 2010, with practically no one producing. Hollywood was pretty bone dry. What about Buena Vista? Catalina Productions? 4D Studios? We were casting about, looking for high grade math casters (like myth busters or even ghost busters in some ways). Fine Grind Productions was another contender. Portland Center Stage.

We were not trying to keep it uninteresting to adults. No sense being boring.

Outreach to children might be through a different label (more than one?). Branding provides cues, to parents, to choosy viewers.

CSN shops have choices, as to where to subscribe.

Think of Linux repositories. Where do you get your updates and upgrades? Depends on the distro some. Likewise with SG on those LCDs. Some like a travel theme. Others go for that techno-psychedelic look. Or make it a mix.

Some shops do a lot of their own mixing. Some haven't the time.