Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Local Politics

:: campaign to save cubespace ::

I'm uploading this picture from The Oregonion courtesy of Rick Turoczy's sharing through Twitter, geeks raising $5K in 24 hrs to save their office, upper floor of a bank building, devoted to coworking.

This is apropos CSN as our initial announcement of the 2012 release date took place in this venue, during a PPUG meeting.

This doesn't mean our talent can't be recruited from around other water coolers, but in terms of our story, as getting going in the original home of the Silicon Forest (East Portland), it makes sense to include this piece of it.

I joined a small meeting at Acker & Associates this afternoon, near PSU, got to explain the CSN idea in some detail, though what I was signing was not related. Then we repaired to Bread and Ink, home of the original Hawthorne Fred Meyer's. I was treated to pan fried oysters and two pints of ESB.

I shared more of our plans for world domination, a perennial geek topic, and bragged about my friends, both XX and XY (female and male). That's what marketing is, a lot of the time, plus picking up on hints, little bits of advice.

And now for something completely different, from today's NASA lore on Phantom Torsos (used to compare computer models to reality regarding radiation dangers in space), the piece by Pat Rawlings/SAIC:

:: distant shores ::