Saturday, May 30, 2009


:: project earthala, work in progress ::

Recall the early days of CSN if you will (the time of this writing): a sick and twisted bunch was still bullying stoic Americans into no-win situations while the writings of a decorated cold warrior (Medal of Freedom), inventor and designer (architect, philosopher, cartographer), were kept away from most high schools by a jealous gulag professoriate, leaving us vulnerable to nightmare policymaking by these semi-secret cabals of uber-cowards. Not a pretty time.

As patriots, we fought back through self schooling, got ourselves an education despite all the censorship and refusenik anti-intelligence (idiocratic) biases. We formed our own networks, our own underground, complete with esoterica and lore, and CSN was proudly a part of that, helping rescue a great country from the clutches of the mendacious and unwise.

So yeah, it's OK to display the flag now and then, other patriotic symbols. That "Don't Tread on Me" snake is a favorite, ties in with our Cult of Athena theme (meme), given Athena's protector. Even if you're not an American, you're likely better off now that we're emerging from tyranny, have regained the freedom to teach our own heritage, make our own history.

USA Flag @ PDX