Friday, April 3, 2009

Save the Polar Bears

Regardless of your views on GCC ("global climate change"), you might have the idea that we need to help animals, as our own net worth, not to mention self worth, is more than a little at stake.

"As you do unto the least of these..." -- did he only mean humans?

Even if the jury wants to stay out on the issue of human causation, we still have plenty of work to do (even compensated).

Should we organize an air lift, an air drop?

Either would probably make more sense than that Kyrgyz operation, that nonsensical spewing of fuel in some "war on nervousness".

Squandering oil to save it hardly helps keep us cool headed, exerts downward pressure on our collective IQ, resulting in stress, acting out, being mean.

Remember how happy the troops were when allowed to help out after the tsunami in Southeast Asia? "Finally, we're not killing anyone" -- what a feeling of liberation!

Yet we still had the best toyz, and even civilians could play. We needn't invite such disasters, we're surrounded by such challenges. On with the circus then!

Thanks to Green Room / Ops for a great Pycon by the way, and special thanks to our CSN CTO in Malibu for Operation Polar Bear (ongoing).

Also: way to go Denver Airport:

Airport Exhibit
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