Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Featured Polyhedron

by Leonarda Da Vinci
We take our Polyhedra seriously in Portland, our FOSS Nashville, likewise a place for music and publishing. Why? Because we're a Cult of Athena, which has commerce (B2B) with Apollonian and well as Dionysian businesses. More to the point, we have lots of flatscreen real estate, and nothing works better, as a fall-back or default, than some rotating omni-spherical object (like a test pattern), or maybe something more asymmetric?

The truncated octahedron
is our flavor of the month.

My thanks to David Koski for bringing it up. Yes, it's a space-filler, and often associated with Lord Kelvin (of temperature scale fame) who conjectured about it rather fervently. Koski's zonohedral dissection theory likewise applies, although twas the "Great Rambo Head" which took more of his attention.

We talked about A & B modules again, which he sees as "boring" compared to the T,E & Ks. Five-fold symmetry has its appeal, I readily admit. And let's not forget Lucky Seven.

Now our hero is back to work in a hard hat area, keeping our energy grid growing. Stay safe guy!