Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Esozone Shoptalk

:: shoptalk for self schoolers ::

Content providers for coffee shop flatscreens, pretty ho hum right? But do you get many good test patterns, showing off your esoteric tastes? I didn't think so.

What we're into at CSN: Mites, Sytes and Kites. Yes, they rhyme, and yes, they mean something (a volatile combination). American Idol move over.

The Mite: a limit case space-filler, no left or right handedness, except under the covers (yes, that's cryptic -- talking about A & B modules).

The Mite face-bonds, in three different ways (what is this, Sesame Street?) to make the Lite, Bite and Rite. And the Sytes, how do they combine? Into two kinds of Kite, both spacefillers, Kat and Kate.

Did I mention the Mite was a spacefiller too? What am I missing?

Primitive concepts organized in a memorable manner: welcome to explorations in the geometry of thinking eh?

So that's stuff on YouTube, or should be (could be).

Or maybe some other screen showed it first. At a corner shop near you maybe?

In a casino you say?

Remember, lots of smart kids are reading this, might get some ideas. Don't let that stop you though. There's always making 'em with paper (like origami).

Easy: just get each of the above rotating in place, reflecting light sources, apply textures, tune to taste. I should do it in VPython. I've got a Mite done at least.

What is this, a college geometry class? Something for art students? Yeah, sure.

Congratulations Keiko, on getting that window fixed, finally.