Sunday, March 15, 2009

Travel Bar

Oldest tea house in Baghdad,
where generations of
artists, writers, and intellectuals
meet to share stories and ideas.
(Photo: Dahr Jamail)

The word "bar" doesn't always connote alcohol as in the term "juice bar" or "candy bar". Likewise, some casinos don't feature gambling.

On the other hand, it derives from "barrier" and lawyers used it as something to get passed, as in "passing the bar".

The word "barrio" is unrelated, although barrio bars (neighborhood watering holes) are commonplace in many cultures, some of which do serve alcohol or other adult beverages.

A CSN franchise will be embedded within a cultural fabric. The choice of games will also vary, as some communities think nothing of vicious on-screen violence, whereas in others, LCDs exhibiting such fare would be considered either in poor taste, or only suitable for some sectioned off area.

Quaker-run bars might permit only twisted cartoon violence of an AVP variety, thought up in various think tanks, such as Pendle Hill's, maybe trade with the Unitarians some (unless this sect has some strictures against game-playing we don't know about yet ).

Open House
shop in pdx (photo by CMO)