Monday, June 4, 2012

More Reveries

These Mandelbulb fly throughs have been important to me as I contemplate the relationship between CSN bars and the flipped classrooms of adulthood, with the childhood corollaries.

You want a safe enough space to immerse yourself in arcana if need be, because in obscure Chinese herbs you may find a cure, or so goes the promise of the archetypal apocathery.

The remedy may as well be metaphysical, and the right studies (and/or left), with aesthetics, will have power to spin you out of a slump, just as other metaphysics may have helped get you into one.

So stay on your guard, or develop one if you have none.

In the earlier 21st century we have the paradox of people attempting to drive places in ways that not only squander fuel, but pose significant risk to their personal and financial health.

They pack the freeways in blizzards.  Is this an intelligent species?  There's strong evidence to the contrary.

As a subset of this mad need for travel, people who make a major commitment to paying off a home cannot then afford to enjoy them without leaving them empty half the time, as partners commute and children board a bus to some loud and competitive place wherein viewing Mandelbulb videos is probably not a big pass time.

Fractals aren't much mentioned, despite the spike in interest awhile back.  We need to study those spikes more.  Intellectual history is a glue, and not just for the over-specialized.  STEM needs a bigger slice of the news, more air time in the media.  Lets work on that.